The Best of Cirrus
Exemplary Student Work from the Cirrus Platform
(Status : Public)
Coordinated by Cirrus
  • The Best of Cirrus Special Collection: PHIL2013

    Welcome to a Best of Cirrus Special Collection. This exhibition collects superlative work from students across three years of PHIL2013: Rise of Modern Philosophy at The University of Queensland.

    The digital portfolios collected here have been selected by course staff, led by Professor Deborah Brown, and edited for publication by the students under the guidance of PHIL2013 and Cirrus staff.

    Cirrus was built in part on the principle that excellent student work should not be forgotten once it is assessed, and we are delighted to publish this special collection of thoughtful, engaged, and beautiful student pieces.

    • (Scheme : #389488)


      Alisha Tonsbeek (2017)
    • (Display Format : Landscape)
      (Scheme : #85c1b9)

      Descartes, Automata and Mechanical Philosophy

      Lara Downes (2017)
    • (Scheme : #bee9d7)

      The Philosophical Worldview of René Descartes

      Codie Condos Distratis (2018)
    • (Scheme : #173243)

      Digital Portfolio (Baruch Spinoza)

      Darcy O'Connor (2018)
    • (Scheme : #366c91)

      Baruch Spinoza

      Ryan Morgan-Kleinman (2018)
    • (Display Format : Landscape)
      (Scheme : #6f97a7)

      Spinoza Digital Portfolio

      April Li (2018)
    • (Scheme : #815436)

      Hobbes Portfolio

      Georgia Rose Ramsey (2018)
    • (Scheme : #b88360)

      Metaphysical Revolt in the Early Modern Period

      Rory Brown (2019)
    • (Scheme : #cebca1)

      The Meditations of the Mechanists

      Meghan Hickman (2019)
    • (Scheme : #b41d2f)

      The Motivations for the Birth and Persistence of Society

      Chloe Davies (2019)
    • (Scheme : #b14a56)

      Human Nature: The Mind-Body Problem

      Ulric Nieminen (2019)
    • (Scheme : #9d6673)

      A Total Eclipse of Descartes

      Tyson Etri (2019)
    • (Display Format : Landscape)
      (Scheme : #27683e)

      How the Early Moderns Shaped Our Thinking on Statehood and Citizenship

      Bailey Clough (2019)
  • Authors and editors have attempted to faithfully represent the copyright status of individual images used in these digital exhibitions. Please contact us if you have any concerns.

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